NKS TRADING SDN. BHD. started at the corner of Jalan Sentul in 1978 with the primary aim of retail trading of motorcycle spare parts & repairs. With the country’s booming economy in the 80’s, motorcycle soon became part of a necessity in the country. The owners of NKS TRADING SDN. BHD. were quick to recognize this opportunity presented by the turn of the century thus realizing the chance to venture into manufacturing of motorcycle products. After a year’s research & intensive planning, NKS DISTRIBUTORS (KL) SDN. BHD. was incorporated in 2001.


Currently the founding company, NKS TRADING SDN. BHD. together with NKS DISTRIBUTORS (KL) SDN. BHD. & recently setup subsidiary, NKS SPORT BIKERS SDN. BHD. operate under the same banner with an established corporate identity & an adopted brand name NAKASONE, projecting itself to its customer base & the general public. NAKASONE products are slowly beginning to be accepted by today’s competitive market not to mention the overseas market as well. From its humble beginning until today, the NKS group of companies are realizing its vision to be a major key player in the motorcycle industry.


NKS DISTRIBUTORS (KL) SDN. BHD. opened its door to business primarily focusing on producing quality motorcycle
spare parts such as:-

Aluminium parts – handle lever, footrest bracket, clutch housing, wheel hub etc.
Plastic components – head lamp assembly, tail lamp assembly, signal lamp, body cover set etc.
The manufacturing plant of NKS DISTRIBUTORS (KL) SDN. BHD. is well equipped with comprehensive set of machineries & equipments supported by a team of skilled & experienced personnel dedicated to product excellence. With the ever changing trends in the motorcycle era, NKS DISTRIBUTORS (KL) SDN. BHD. will serve to add to its product line extension to cater the evolving demands in the market.


As the motorcycle industry’s demands are endless, NKS Distributors have incorporated some local and international brands into it’s household. Such brands attributes well with the local market thus adding more variety to the customer’s buying patterns. Brands associate very closely with one’s lifestyle, having said so, customer’s feel a sense of TOTALNESS with the brands NKS Distributors have to offer. The current brands are:-